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Enjoy all the Great Features of the WebPhone VoIP Softphone

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WebPhone Features

  •  Call over 250 countries. Rates start at just 1.9¢ a minute. View rates
  •  Use WebPhone software to call any phone, including mobile phones
  •  Call other WebPhone users for free!
  •  Downloads quickly and easily. Sign up now
  •  Convenient contact list for easy click-to-call dialing
  •  Displays your account balance when you make calls
  •  View our Tutorial to learn more about the WebPhone dialer
  •  WebPhone uses state-of-the-art VoIP technology
  •  Quality is best with a high bandwidth internet connection and a good headset
  •  WebPhone accepts Visa, American Express, MasterCard, and PayPal
  •  Automatic Recharge option allows you to automatically add more talk time
  •  Make calls from any phone at any time. Learn more
  •  Call over 250 destinations. View rates
  •  Convienient No-PIN Dialing feature
  •  View your call and payment history
  •  Purchase calling time
  •  Update your personal profile information
  •  Update your billing information
  •  Account and technical support via email
  •  Comprehensive WebPhone User's Guide (PDF)
  •  No annoying advertisements, spyware, or malware
  •  No expensive routers or special phone adapters required
  •  See the WebPhone Quality Guarantee

WebPhone Plus Features

  •  Choose a phone number in a U.S. area code of your choice
  •  Add up to four additional numbers to one account
  •  Unlimited FREE incoming calls to your WebPhone number(s)
  •  Convenient "new message" email notification
  •  Easy access to VoiceMail messages from your PC or by phone
  •  Forward your incoming WebPhone calls to any phone -- landline or cell (WebPhone calling rates apply)
  •  Works when your computer is on or off
  •  Manage Call Forwarding online or by phone
  •  Caller ID -- See who is calling before you answer
  •  Do Not Disturb -- Block incoming calls
  •  Easy Click-to-Call Dialing from your contact list
  •  See complete list of calling features